Gentle Somatic Movement and Yoga

Self-sensing, Self-aware, Intelligent Movement      for freedom in the body and pain relief

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Yoga for Release, Relaxation and Balance

Marnie enjoys teaching yoga in a warm, safe and friendly environment. She is able to know her students personally, and give individualize attention and instruction to accommodate each person's particular needs.  She truly appreciates getting to know her students as a whole person, and guiding them towards integrating yoga and mindfulness into their life for improved health and well-being.

Yoga Positional Release

She also provides Positional Release table work combined with yoga to address any muscle imbalance causing tension or pain in the body. This technique identifies muscle imbalance in the body, then releases muscles locked long and tight through Strain Counter Strain by passively shortening two ends of a muscle. It stretches and strengthens short contracted muscles with MET (Muscle Energy Technique). This provides release, more balance and ease in the body.