Gentle Somatic Movement and Yoga

Learn to move more freedom and ease
      and reverse the root cause of pain
Self-sensing, self-aware, intelligent movement

online Classes

Learn how to move with more freedom and ease,

recognize your body's unique stress responses,

restore healthy muscle tone,

relieve stiff joints and sore muscles

and reverse the root cause of chronic pain!


Somatic Movement is gentle and easy to learn.

It has a calming affect on the nervous system through whole body integration, reducing stress and tension, promoting better quality of sleep 

and improving clarity of mind.

Online Movement Class in Response to Covid-19

6-Week Introductory Somatic Movement Series

Somatic movement involves learning about our unique stress responses and re-educating involuntarily, contracted, tight muscles to release and relax, restoring them to resting length, improving range of motion, relieving pain and regaining freedom and ease of movement to do the activities you enjoy. The slow, conscious movements, breathing and taking time for the brain to integrate the affects of the movements can create new musclular patterns and have a calming affect on the nervous system. This six week series will introduce the fundamental principles of somatic movement so you can incorporate a daily somatic movement practice at home for long-term benefits. Once you know the fundamentals of essential somatics, you can participate safely, deepening body awareness and learning more creative movement patterns in the intermediate ongoing classes.

  • Saturday, January 23rd - February 27th, 10:00 am 75 minutes

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