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Classes & Private Sessions

Restore Ease and Freedom of Movement

Somatic Movement Classes

These classes offer exploration and focus on restoring muscle function

And retraining movement patterns to move freely and effortless

without pain and stiffness. It involves gentle full body movement pattern that

releases muscle tension from everyday stress while calming the nervous



Private Movement and Clinical Sessions are the most effective way to assess and restore muscle function and provide self-care movements for home practice. If you are recovering from surgery, injury or have an specific issues with chronic pain, it’s helpful  to begin with a private session.  Anyone can benefit with a private session before attending your first group class.

Unwind and Rebuild

Unwind and Rebuild enhances awareness of the brain-body connection. It involves practices for grounding, releasing and resourcing the nervous system that builds greater resiliency to stress. Both classes and privates sessions are available.

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