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Somatic Movement

Restore Ease and Freedom of Movement

What is Somatic Movement?

Somatic Movement is a commonsense approach to releasing and relaxing tight muscles and tension patterns accumulated from stress, injury, surgery, and repetitive movement. 

Each time we experience stress, we experience muscle tension. Muscle tension can become habituated. Most of the time we are not even aware of our habits and tension patterns that can contribute to restricted movement, stiffness, pain and fatigue. It affects our posture and ability to sense and move freely and efficiently. 

Somatics is movement re-education that teaches you how to restore muscle function and retrain movement patterns so you can move freely and effortlessly with less pain and stiffness. 

It involves full body movement patterns that releases muscle tension from everyday stress while calming the nervous system. Anyone can do the movements. When you move in enjoyable and relaxing ways, you achieve amazing results! 

Somatics enhances awareness of our brain-body connection and grows our options for movement, rather than settling on habits our brain is already familiar with. We can shift from habits of restriction to moving and walking with more ease and less effort. We are empowered to help ourselves.


Somatic is for anyone who wants to move more efficiently and with ease. Whether you are struggling with hip and knee pain and having to shift your weight to minimize pain, or an athlete who wants to improve performance while using the least amount of effort, Somatics is for you if you want to continue to do the activities you enjoy and love throughout life.

What Conditions Somatics helps with?​

Rounded Shoulders
Jaw Pain/TMJ
Foot Pain-Plantar Fascitis
Head Forward Posture
Low Back
Tight Hamstrings and Calves
Uneven Shoulders
​​Shoulder and Neck Pain
Hip and Knee Pain
Tension or Migraine Headaches
Uneven leg length
Shallow Breathing​​
Tight Hip Flexors
Piriformis Syndrome
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